Don’t Hit Me! by Vanessa de Largie

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Confronting, Brave and Touching







“Don’t Hit Me! by Vanessa de Largie is a bold, raw, in your face compilation of dairy entries based on two years of surviving mental and physical abuse from her significant other. Whether we know someone or of someone who is in this situation, perhaps you are in this situation, in any case, ALL women should read this book. Men should read this book to obtain an inside view at how their actions make women feel. Kudos to Vanessa for finding the courage to leave that relationship and for sharing her story with the world.”  by Miranda “Galaxy Rider”



“A really important book explores domestic violence and provides realistic accounts of how domestic violence hurts women in a deep way. Very difficult subject but written in a well researched and is easy to understand way. I am glad I found this book, and I think every woman needs to be aware of this. Highly recommended. by Marie H



““Don’t Hit Me!” by Vanessa de Largie is a well written and at times poetic account of her personal experience with domestic violence. I’ve known far too many women who have been victims of domestic violence, and even served on the board for our local shelter, but this is the most vivid and telling account I’ve ever come across of what goes through the mind and heart of someone enduring such horrific abuse.

While the author happens to live in Australia, the sobering statistics on domestic violence clearly indicate that this is neither a geographic specific issue, nor one that shows any sign of disappearing any time soon. Given the subject matter it’s understandable that the book is not an easy one to read, but it is nonetheless an easy one to recommend. I would think any reader would benefit greatly who is looking for a better understanding of the effects of domestic violence, or anyone who is or has been a victim and is looking for a bridge of understanding to know they are not alone with their experiences or feelings.”  by Marty H “Marquita Herald, Author”



More women and men should publish books about their journey through domestic violence, maybe then we will begin to combat it.

Vanessa de Largie has published her diary entries (from a time when she was in a violent relationship) A combination of poetry and prose that’s beautifully written.

A very brave piece, which I highly recommend.”  by Book Lover



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Bound by Your Love Series by Blakely Bennett

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Couldn’t Put It Down







I was intrigued from the beginning, first with the synopsis then with the chapters being titles of songs. Love that idea. Once I started the first chapter I had a hard time putting it down.

The relationship between Bond and Jacqueline is rocky at best. Bond is up front about being with other women throughout their relationship. The on and off again relationship may work for Bond but Jacqs wants more. Her body still holds its attraction to Bond but her mind tries to fight it. When Bond’s best friend Red, who Jacqs thought hated her, makes a play for her. She realizes how attracted to Red she is. She quickly falls for Red and how sweet, sexy and committed he is.

When Bond finds out Red is taking Jacqs away from him. Red knows she will always love Bond, so he decides the best thing for all of them is to share her.

The way this book is written it had me immediately invested in the characters and falling for Red fast. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the group. A must read for sure!”  by Shannan



“Jacqueline, or Jaqs, as her friends call her, has been in love with her best friend Bond for years. Their relationship is that of best friends with benefits, nothing more, since Bond also likes to sleep with other women. When someone unexpected shows serious interest in Jaqs Bond finally decides that he wants a serious relationship with her. When the man Jaqs loves proposes a unique arrangement Jaqs must choose what her heart and body want most. Bond is a seriously sexy player, the guy you lust after that will never keep himself to one woman. At least that’s the feeling you get until you learn his tragic back story. Aidan, the third in this love triangle, hid his affection for Jaqs for years and can’t do so anymore after seeing all the hurt Bond has caused. While seemingly a nice guy, behind closed doors he’s a little kinky and I love it! The sex scenes in this book are mouthwatering and I can’t imagine what reader wouldn’t want to be stuck in between these two hunks.”  by Tina Dawid



OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I don’t know where to start!!! First off i am going to thank Blakely Bennett for writing yet another outstanding Novel!!! I love the friendship circle in this book!!! Everyone has each others back, there are a lot of ups and downs but they seem to be able to get through things together!! WOW, Red, Bond, And Jaqs……. what to say what to say what to say……….. I absolutely adore Red. Jaqs and Bond have quite a few issues and a crazy history together and Red has been standing by watching it and harboring a secret(not gonna spoil it for ya) Bond have a lot of issues that causes his life to be on a constant rollercoaster and Jaqs is there when he slows down long enough to care. There is a lot of damage but LOVE proves once again stronger than the demons these friends carry. This is going to be a phenomenal series and i can’t wait to hear more about the gang!!!! I have to give props to Lainie, Stay and Samantha (Jaqs sister) i couldn’t get over the support and love shown from especially these three. They all have their own demons and i can not wait to read all about them in books to come!!! Definitely a MUST READ!!! XOXO”  by Tami Czenkus




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Just in love with the series!!






“When I pick up one of Blakely Bennett’s books I know that I am in for a ride. The characters will be real, the situations believable and emotionally charged and the Love Scenes will be Hot enough to have you squirming in your seat. Bittersweet Deceit did not disappoint, in fact it exceeded my expectations.

Lainie is in a dead end relationship that has nowhere to go but bad. She love him and isn’t ready to move on until the bottom falls out.

Stayman has been attracted to Lainie for a while but too afraid to approach her until their mutual friends give him a gentle push.

Together they are on fire and a couple that you will be rooting for and wanting to shake some sense into at times. I really enjoyed this book and I hope that you will too.”  by Literature Litehouse – Fun with Books



This book is fantastic! I read (and loved) the first installment of this series and I actually liked this one more. I was concerned because some of the themes are touch points for me (adultery), but the author does a fabulous job at showing the deceit the married person brings into the relationship to persuade his partner. Really great read!”  by Sew Sweet



“I could not put this down! I started reading before bed and was not finished till after 1 am! The intensity between the characters can be felt through the story, it is amazing! You will be cursing Lanie as she chases after Mason, all the while rooting for Stay! (Stayman)”  by Amygarrett1825




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My Favorite of the Series! Absolutely Amazing!






**Warning**Extremely erotic with bondage, BDSM & threesomes.
Bound by your love series is off the charts erotically hot

Blue defiantly has insecurities. She’s looking for someone to return her love.
It’s sad really. She seems to only attract the men who wants to keep her at a distance.
Or a secret. Never wanting more.
Tate is extremely private. Years ago going thru something extremely painful & traumatizing.
He’s sworn never to give himself or his heart to another.
Until he meets Blue. Who shows him & opens him up to possibilities. Builds him back up.
Opposites attract in an instant for Blue & Tate…….
Blue fights to be loved by the one man who’s sworn to never share that part of himself with anyone again.
Even though it was beyond sex-filled I absolutely loved the flow of the story line.
It had meaning along with all the characters who’s love for one another only grew stronger.
I was graciously gifted an ARC for an honest review.”  by Carrie



Wow! I think this book should come with a WARNING label: caution this book may contain sex scenes that you will want to try. I enjoyed this book so much, and I was totally entertained. Judy a.k.a. Blue has some body image problems after a crap childhood in which she has some emotional issues about how her body attracts the opposite sex. Big breasts, and a rocking body seems to bring out the slime in most men. All she wants is a man to love her for herself. She is best friends with Bond, and they have a sexual relationship as well. She meets Tate, and all though the chemistry is there, and the possessiveness… He is damaged goods. The story unfolds at a great pace, and I loved the HEA. This is part of a series and would do better to read in order but the books can be stand alone. I loved the book, and I am so happy to be part of this blog reveal. Overall entertainment is FIVE stars.

Review format

Could I put this book down? No, didn’t want to.
Characters have chemistry? Electric chemistry
Religious? No
Erotic? Intensely erotic, with BDSM elements. Spanking, and tying up.
Specific genre? Contemporary romance with erotic/BDSM elements
Main characters? Blue, Tate, and Bond
Define main characters? Blue is a waitress/ bartender with a desire to write books, Tate is a professor ( loved the classroom scene), and Bond is a DJ at a night club.”  by Ijpanko “badassbookblogger”



Blue Persuasion, another amazing and steamy story from Ms. Bennett. This volume of the Bound by your Love series gives us the intriguing story of Blue. An amazing woman, trying to find love and herself. I like the way the author showed us a vulnerable woman trying to find love without any success and settling for all the wrong men. Until she meets Tate. American Indian Mr. Hottie! That man is everybody’s type! The two succumb to their passion and sexual appetite in a way that you only have to read it to believe it. Blue Persuasion is a perfect read! Get it NOW!”  by ML Rosado



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The Love Series by T. L. Clark

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Easy Read








“This short story is a journey of two damaged hearts. Love and trust are the hardest emotions to mend and forgive.

Our main character, Samantha, has grown tired of her overbearing, major control freak of a husband, Adam. She decides she can no longer tolerate being treated like a prisoner in her own home. She would rather live the rest of her life alone. Samantha finally finds the strength to divorce him. Six months later she meets Ranulph. He is divorced as well and just as apprehensive to start a relationship as she is. Can these two scarred people heal each other and learn to love again?Sweet story, easy read!” by Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review







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Hot romance with a touch of suspense








“I received this book a long, long time ago from the author in exchange for an honest review and it has taken me until now to get to it but I am so pleased that I did. I should say that I started reading this book with no idea what it was about, apart from it probably being romance, not having read the blurb or anything so I was initially a little surprised by the amount of sex in it only realising later, when I checked, that Amazon actually lists it in erotica.

That said this story is not all about the sex and in fact presents that in a way which eventually sends a good moral message. Amanda has a pretty average admin day job and a…well let’s just say a lively social life which really takes off when she goes on holiday with her friend, Claire. There she meets and falls for Michael, a bodyguard for a wealthy Russian, and this is where she finds out that sex with feelings attached is really what it’s all about – yay! It’s an awakening for her and for him but after such a short time together both are left trying to work out how they can be together for the long term. However before any plans can be put in place tragedy strikes and it’s touch and go as to whether there will be a future at all.

This book has a good strong storyline with well developed likeable characters. The women are strong and the men suitable heroic when they need to be. I can’t be doing with too much gushing emotion or overwrought feelings between characters and I liked TL Clarks no nonsense writing style which came across as quite matter of fact making the story a realistic one.”  by Georgia Rose



This book was beautifully written i loved it it was full of mystery and romance and suspense girl goes on long needed vacation and meets boy who is working but boy falls instantly in love with girl but girl want to party and doesn’t realize she has the perfect man in front of her makes for a great read.

Amanda lives for a good night out on the town after finding the man she loved with another girl in his his bed a she gives up on any relationship what so ever she goes club hopping and dose the usually hook up in the restroom or somewhere semi private then goes on her way when her friend asks her to go on vacation with her she decided’s shes worked hard and needs a break from life so they go to Ibiza they go to a club when Amanda’s friend gets sick and she takes her outside when she throws up an man asks if her and her friend are ok and hands her a bottle of water and so the race for her attention begins when he asks her to have breakfast with him she refuses the next day they go out on the town to a different club the get lost when a man comes up and demands their money they are saved by mom other then Michael the man who gave her water the day before he again asks her out and she gets defensive he gives her his number telling her if she ever need help to just call him feeling bad for being so mean to Michael she calls him and so begins their love story.

Will Michael’s job destroy any hope of them having a relation ship? will the dangers of Michael’s job get in the way of their blooming relationship? or will love beat out all the what if’s and what will happens destroy any hope for a relationship? to find out i strongly suggest you but this book its beautifully written i really enjoyed it 5 gold stars.”  by Melissa







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Dark and Provocative







“Although not my first BDSM read about a Dominatrix and her male sub, I enjoyed this one because the author provides a glimpse into the world of a man named Jonathan, who is discovering for himself the lifestyle his employer Melanie, aka Mistress E during play time, introduces him to and the sexual lifestyle closer to the norm that his coworker Lucy invites him to partake.

Story line is original and within pages I found myself immersed into Clark’s world and the plight of different characters. I usually dislike the head-hopping omniscient point-of-view between characters, because I find it jarring to have to relate to so many people in such a short span of text (see opening chapter as an example). However, what I did oddly enjoy about this book was getting to know each character instead of being trapped in one character’s perspectives and perception. So for this book, that point-of-view actually worked.

Definitely an engaging read, although dark indeed and provocative. If that’s the kind of work you go for, then definitely check out TL Clark’s work.”  by Jacintha Topaz


TL. what can I say. wow can’t cover it. this story is by far on of my favorites. to see what it’s like to be a sub and loose the Dom and not knowing how to handle it. then have a vanilla in the mix. wow…just wow”  by Kindle Customer







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Tear Jerker!








“I can speak from experience; a woman never forgets her first true love!
Sophie and Joe are high school sweethearts. They are madly in love. They just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Their hearts are filled with happiness and their minds can only see their bright futures.

The bombshell is dropped!

Sophie is told that she and her family must relocate due to her father’s work. Sophie and Joe are completely devastated. Promises are made to each other and then their hearts are torn into.

This story follows Sophie’s life through the highs and lows of each decade. Through the years, Sophie catches herself wondering what her life would have been like if she had never been forced leave Joe.

Many times throughout this story I was moved to tears. As I read this book, I felt myself thinking of my own first love. After forty five years there is a small part of me that still feels that loss.

For all you with a Romantic Heart….this is a must read!”  by Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review



Can I just say, I’m not a real big ‘snuggle up by the fire and read a romance’ type of guy, but I am trying to give direction and versatility to my reading and I just have to say that this book gets better and better and better.

I don’t read YA – I just can’t – so have little interest in teenagers losing their virginity, but I stuck with it because I wanted to know where it was going. I’ve never met the author so I don’t know if this is semi-autobiographical or not. I suspect parts of it are based on real life experience. Either way, I found myself drawn into the story, which takes place over a period of about 30 years.

I liked everyone, and that’s always nice, but not in a sickly sweet kind of way. TL Clark has a knack for writing about decent human beings. I don’t want to put any spoilers in here except to say that this is absolutely worth a five star rating.

No question in recommending this book whatsoever.”  by Karl Wiggins




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Nasty Cop by B. J. Jackson

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Enticing and Edgy!








“This was an excellent, gripping, story from beginning to end! I couldn’t put down, once I started reading it. It’s edgy, a bit dark, and enticing. It makes a person aware of how the bottom can fall completely out from under a person! One day, all is well; the next day, it’s all in shambles. I liked that it was different form a lot of stories, and I was surprised by the woman’s personal conflict. I could visualize an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder! You just never know who you can trust in this world, professional or otherwise!”  by Kathy



“I just finished reading this book. It was awesome. I enjoyed it every bit. Must read!!!”  by Margo


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A Harem Boy’s Saga by Young

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Riveting Story








“What a compelling book! The fascinating account of a young Asian boy happily initiated into a sexual society and then Middle-Eastern harems from his private school in England. It is your own initiation to European, Middle Eastern, and Asian culture, combining Young’s ‘coming of age’ with his innocence and eroticism. This book will shatter your preconceptions about gay sexuality.

Young’s material is fresh, unusual, and provocative. He manages to speak with the voice of the innocent child while chronicling his sexual initiation and service, creating a character with which the reader has great sympathy. He also describes his education, travels, and liasons in a way that has the reader riveted, anticipating each unfolding scene with excitement, and sometimes shock.

Be patient at first. The setting up of the story with background take a bit of time. At times, the material may seem wordy or lengthy, but definitely worth it.”  by Maribeth Theisen





Harem Boy- II - Unbridled - image




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Brilliantly written, beyond mesmerizing








Unbridled is a very intriguing novel. It was a bit different that the books I usually read but I loved it. I understood many things that I never knew or researched before and I found the plot extremely interesting and wonderful. The author has done an amazing job in presenting a captivating novel to the readers in a very clever way. Very well written with hot and steamy situations. I would recommend the book to any readers that are willing to open their eyes and their minds to an amazing Book and a fascinating plot.”  by Lilian Roberts


A captivating look at a world so different than mine it was a real eye-opener. The story drew me in, kept me turning pages, and drove me to read the entire novel in a couple days. Brilliantly written, beyond mesmerizing, a highly recommended read!”  by Frank Scozzari


Bernard Young writes an unvarnished memoir of his private life. As I read through his memories, I was struck by the feelings and emotion of the author shared in an eloquent way. I also appreciated the approach he took towards his relationships. In the retelling of his life experiences, Young brings the reader into his world and allows them to take a look from an entirely different perspective. I would recommend Unbridled and the other books in Bernard’s memoirs to any reader who wants to expand their perspective.”  by Serena










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Simply Wow!








“I was given Harem Boy’s Saga III: Debauchery by Young as an ARC and loved it. It’s a fascinating third book in a series that continues the courageous true love story between Andy and the author. This series is tender, romantic, has setbacks, and yet loving, as Young tells his amazing journey, and offers ways for us all to have a happier and more fulfilled life. I’m not one to reveal any spoilers and several reviewers have already fleshed it out. With that said, I would highly recommend this page-turner and give it five stars!!”  by Love To Read


“No-holds-barred account centered on the author’s sexual experiences in his youth. It is the author’s intention to deal with matters that have in the past been deemed shocking and unmentionable, and thereby play his part in the liberalisation of such attitudes. The young men in the book undergo a series of sexual experiences in harems, clubs and media outlets, and the unabashed manner in which they are presented is remarkable and persuasive. A provocative, fearless and exemplary work that should be checked out.  by Sibyl Mory


“Young has written another stimulating recounting of a young man’s journey into self-discovery. Young documents his life from a young man across several continents. Young journey takes the reader from wild teen to thoughtful, young adult. The influences of his many mentors are vividly documented. Young does a thorough job of documenting his, almost with the precision of a surgeon, no subject is left untouched, every area is examined and explained. This is a powerful, well written autobiography.”  by Hawk




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Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk by Jeffrey Cook

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“I love Shakespeare. I love when an adaptation is done well. I read this anthology in under a week, and I could not have been more pleased! For lovers of the Bard, or people who just like to read adventures in any of the “punk” genres, this book serves as a marvelous sampler of the literary style as well as a fantastic re-telling of the plays we grew up with. Robots, cybernetics, dirigibles, war machines, battles, romance, smuggling–there’s even a bear thrown in for good measure! Six talented authors ply their trade and pay suitable homage to the greatest dramatist in the history of literature! You do NOT want to miss this!”  by LeslieLuvzBooks




“I have never taken the time to write a review for anything I have purchased and read from Amazon. I always felt that by placing a low rating on something, I should shy away from pointing out everything it contained that I had a problem with. Same for a high rating. I always felt that what I wrote should not influence others into purchasing a product ( or not ) based solely upon my opinions of it. However, after reading Sound & Fury, I can’t help myself from sharing those thoughts and opinions with others.

Almost everyone is familiar with Shakespeare’s work, one way or another. Some have spent weeks, months, even years studying them. Their themes are used again and again in mass media across all formats, but the tales provided within are a truly unique spin on these well known and beloved stories. Macbeth, Winter’s Tale, Othello, The Tempest and Much Ado About Nothing are all represented. Even if you are not intimately familiar with those plays, the authors take the time to bring that world – with their own unique flare – into vivid detail.

They span multiple -punk genres, which may be daunting to some people. Not everyone knows what cyberpunk is; maybe Teslapunk, dieselpunk, steampunk and clockpunk are all things you’ve heard of, but never had a chance to fully understand or appreciate. This collection of stories masterfully captures the essence of each of these genres, opening more doorways to people as a reader.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this anthology. I have heard rumor that another installment may be in the works for later publication, and I truly believe it will be as amazing as the first.”  by Victoria Aragon



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Be Not Afraid by K. R. Morrison

K R Morrison's Book Cover




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“What a thriller this novel is. Though the cover would make you think this is a horror story, it is a classic good verses evil story with God and Satan in their rightful seats. This story unfolds with the love of family, friends, and God taking center stage. For anyone looking to renew their faith in mankind this is a read for them. This story touches on many of the questions all of us ask of our faith at one point in our lives or another. Though I am not a very religious person, I found this story to be deeply spiritually rewarding.  by S. Enright


This book is spellbinding and captures you from the second page and keeps you enthralled to the end. It is a bit heavy but so intriguing that you dont want to put to book down at any given point. I have very little time to read but this is a fast, captivating read. The author has a way of keeping your attention glued to each page and right from the very start!. Would recommend it for those serious mystery thriller people.”  by Tecywannabe


“What I loved about this book is that, even though it’s about a Vampire….it is completely different than any other Vampire story. Yes there are those which give a good and evil side. This book does way more than that. As I read this book, I felt that the Vampire represents the World. It represents the struggles that we have daily. It represents drugs, alcohol addictions, theft, murder, cheating, lying stealing, you name it. All of these things suck the life out of us when we give in to them. They kill us and they kill our society. The main character refuses to give into the Vampire the way very few of us in this world refuse to give into the World. The end of the story shows how the fight can be won if you just hold strong and keep faith and stay close to God he will protect you no matter what things seem like. The Author writes with such descriptive words and emotion that I read every page and couldn’t put it down. I can tell you, I am not a reader. This is the FIRST book in my 40 years of life that I have ever read WORD FOR WORD!  by Shaninjericho




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The Chaysing Trilogy Series by Jalpa Williby

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Immediately Intriguing!







I really enjoyed reading this amazing book!! I couldn’t put the book down. Jalpa williby is an amazing writer. I can’t wait to read more. I was lucky enough to receive and ARC for an honest review:)

Tess Sanoby is a 16 year old girl that keeps having the same nightmares, where a girl is being chased. Tess doesn’t know who she is because she can never see her face, she just knows she is terrified and trying to run for her life. Is it her? Tess is a very smart and athletic and has a wonderful relationship with her parents and two amazing best friends in the world Kylie and Jack. I love that Tess volunteers at The Angels, she meets a handsome guy there named Joe and they have this great connection and he is singing You Are Beautiful. I love that we get to see Tess grow up from graduating high school then going to college.

You see Tess go through real life struggles and it’s horrible to see people in that situation.

Chaysing Dreams is a great book!!! You won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book and see what happens to Tess. So if you love sexy, hot, romance, danger, and mystery, I strongly suggest you buy this book- 18 and up.”  by Sami



One of the greatest books I have recently read. Once I started reading honestly I couldn’t stop. One of those books that is very difficult to put down. I just couldn’t wait to see what might happen next or what new piece of the puzzle might be revealed. The author did an awesome job writing everything from Tess perspective, so the reader only knows what she knows making everyone and everything else a mystery that is slowly unravel through out the book. Believe me this is one book that you won’t want to end!”  by Gosia



Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing Trilogy Book 1) from the very beginning starts out with thrilling, scary, scenes. The writer ever so creatively pull me in as a reader. I couldn’t stop reading it was so well done. After a paragraph we realized the character is having a nightmare, but nevertheless we can’t stop. We have to read on and on. Jalpa, the author, did an excellent job of creating and writing this wonderfully written book. I recommend it to all people who like a well-written, good juicy story.

Pattimari, therapist & author of Frozen Time & Stolen Identity.”  by Pattimari “Pattimari Sheets (diamond) Cacciolfi”







Jalpa Pandya's Book Image 2




♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
It keeps getting better!!







“I was so excited after reading the first book in the trilogy to get my hands on this book. I can say it did not disappoint! In this story, Tess, the main character has grown into a strong young woman and I must say even though she seems perfect her life is not, which makes her relatable.

I like the fact that the other characters in this book have their own lives unfolding and changing, it makes the story richer and I must also say I was pleasantly surprised by Jack and Kylie’s lives and the changes they had. Tess and Chayse, share such a deep bond, their love is strong and enduring, you want their union to last forever! I found myself rooting for them through out the first part of the book-her memory has been tainted with which makes it tough-but boy oh boy when she finally does, it all makes sense to her. The new characters added depth and made the story more rounded with the twists and turns. I love action and suspense and this book has it! I was biting my nails towards the end. It did not end the way I would want, yet I know for the story it had to happen, I can’t wait for the next installment to see what happens next for Tess….”  by Jessica Paige



All I can say is Oh my god!! I can’t believe this story. The author does a wonderful job at starting off where she left off in Chaysing Dreams. This book is action filled from the beginning, and the ending will leave you breathless. You are once again reunited with all the characters you fell in love with in the first book, and I was so happy to be a part of their world again as I eagerly turned the pages to see what was going to happen next! Without giving too much away, the author does a good job at tying up any loose pieces/or unanswered questions from the first book. Once I finished this second book, I honestly didn’t think I could speak for a few days. I am anxiously waiting for the next book to come out. And when oh when can we see the “Chaysing” trilogy on the big screen?!? All I could do while reading this story was visualize it on the big screen! What a damn good movie this is going to be.”  by Cynthia



“It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for “Chaysing Memories” to be released (the second book in Ms. Williby’s “Chaysing” trilogy). When I heard it was getting close to the release date, I even went back and read Chaysing Dreams again so I could immediately throw myself back into Tess and Chayse’s world. I was not disappointed. Chaysing Memories starts right where Chaysing Dreams left off and loved the direction it took. I found myself enjoying this book even more than the first. Ms. Williby has matured the characters in a way I found more relatable to her adult audience. The storyline flowed smoothly and progressed and developed at a wonderfully suspenseful pace, making it a great page turner. It’s the kind of book you can’t read fast enough but are disappointed when it ends. It has definitely left me wanting more, and I am already impatiently waiting for the third book.  by Avid Fiction Fan







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“First off I want to say… “THANK YOU Jalpa for allowing me to read your book”!!!! I was gifted a copy of Chaysing Destiny to help me create the trailer, and because I read the other two books in this series I new it was going to be great! And boy was I right:)

This series is honestly one of the best romance series I have ever read… and believe me I’ve read a lot!! It grabs you from the beginning and you can’t help but keep it with you long after the last page. This series has everything you want in a romance and SOOOO much more! You can’t help but feel the pain Tess feels and feel proud of how far she has grown since the first book.

Jalpa Williby is an excellent writer whoI hope never stops bringing her thoughts to life!”  by Luvmeabook



“I loved the first two books and couldn’t wait to read this one. (In fact i bought book 3 immediately after book 2). I loved the plot twists, the wonderful writing that has you turning pages and all the Ah Ha! moments. It didn’t matter if i was in the dark, under the covers with my head comfortably on the pillow, i read and read and read, never falling asleep. Her writing keeps you turning pages, and wanting to read “one more chapter.” I fell in love with the characters and loved the ending. Great series!  by Christine



“At last, we have the last installment for this awesome trilogy. The book opens two years from where the second book left off and immediately we are thrown into action as Tess starts to live her life following the death of Chayse. Within the first few chapters you are pulled in and hooked as you start to read along all that is going on. The story is fast paced and does not pull its punches. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying and desperate for more. Even the awesome ending does not seem to be enough and you’ll find yourself hooked on Williby’s writing prowess and want to read more and more from her. I started the series when the second one was released and have been glad to carry on to the final book. Still, even I was not prepared for how wonderfully crafted this book, and the series are. It’s award winning and well deserved at that. I laughed, I cried, I stayed up until 3am to make sure I could finally know what happened to Tess and whether she got the happy ending she so desperately deserve. I could tell you the answer, but why spoil the surprise? Overall, if I could give this more than five stars, I would and once again, my hats off to Jalpa Williby because this girl can write! Highly recommended!”  by Joey




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Romantic Heart Beats by Alexandra Isobel

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Alexandra Isobel breaks out with three well-written romantic suspense short stories. The stories are enjoyable prequels for future novels.

In TAKE FLIGHT, WELCOME HOME and STANDING GUARD, the reader is swept into a world of danger and intrigue as they connect with three loyal, alpha hero’s on a mission to save the one they love, while remaining true to their Special Ops Unit and life’s work.

These heroes and heroines are likable, and allow the reader to connect with them, even in a short story format. The reader will root for these couples to achieve their own satisfying endings.

The stories are character driven with an excellent balance of steamy scenes, sexual tension, romance and suspense, while the characters ride a roller coaster of emotions, heart stropping thrills and find their own love story while facing danger.

I look forward to the full length books of all three novels, to revisit these characters and their unique story lines.”  by Selena Robins



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