Shadow of the Lion: Blood on the Moon by Ruth Kozak

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Great writing and research, and a professional layout, make the 670 pages journey through Greek history effortless and enjoyable. A triumphant first book for a Greek history and culture enthusiast, determined and diligent distinguished writer with a wonderfully interesting personal history herself.” by Marc Latham



This is an amazing book. Well researched, clearly written, full of tension and suspense. Ruth Kozak has written a wonderful history of the violent competition for the remnants of Alexander’s empire. Characters and setting are well developed so that the reader feels part of history. I recommend this book to all history and adventure buffs.” by Wayne Gatley



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The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery by Greatest Poet Alive

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I was looking for a cozy mystery and the cover of this book pulled me in. What I got was a fast paced thriller! This book had a lot of great twists and turns with a great plot. Definitely a 5 star read. I don’t know if it was Kindle or not, but the formatting was terrible. I know authors aren’t necessarily responsible for ebook formats (maybe the publisher can take a look?) but there were cases where dialog from more than one person was run together and where a chapter title was at the end of the last paragraph of the previous chapter. I don’t want to lower my rating based upon formatting issues since what I really want to rate is the story itself, but it was difficult to read with the formatting.”  by Regina Morris



“The story begins with a gruesome murder of Miles Livingtson’s second wife and his two little girls. The main character, James Gordon, is called to the scene of the crime as Miles’ attorney. As James tires to get to bottom of the grisly murder, he uncovers a secret that his best friend, Miles, was hiding. Unfortunately, Miles’ secret correlates very closely to what James is going through in his own personal life. As James tracks down the murderer, what he learns makes him doubt his own choices in life.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s written in first person, which makes it easy to identify with the main character. It’s fast paced, and I couldn’t wait to read to the final reveal. Like all good thriller’s there are twists and turns and I didn’t figure out the villain until I was supposed to. Which for me, is pretty good, as I usually figure out the plot acres way before most readers.

My one complaint is the terrible formatting. Dialogues are tun together, paragraphs where there shouldn’t be and none where there should be. Normally I’d lower my rating by 1 star with issues like this, but I was drawn into the story so much, I’m going to make an exception. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 feathers.”  by Pamela Foley



“The warmest winter, by the Greatest Poet Alive is an exciting thriller of love, lust, affairs and murder. The story is told by the James Gordon lawyer of Miles Livingtson whose second wife and his two little girls were brutally murdered. James and the police hunt for the killer. Gordon has his own marital problems similar to the marital problems of Miles Livingston.

The story grips your attention from the first page and does not let you go. The author has a great command for dialogue and plot twists. The author is brilliant at setting up the scenes and details. When you think you have figured it out there is a twist. I felt the characters were vivid and compelling.

This mystery novel has it all, lust, murder, twists, and suspense. Well done!”  by Star “Star”



“James Gordon has proven he can write in several genres and make them a success. First, he brought us his unique line of poetry, then his children’s stories, now a crime thriller, and in this, he delivers once again.

The wife and two daughters of Miles Livingston, a local doctor, are found dead in their home. James Gordon happens to be friends with the doctor, and agrees to represent him. Writing in the first person, Gordon gives a perfect performance, as he tries to make sense of events leading up to the murder. The story moved at a good pace, while keeping the reader in suspense about the identity of the villain, like all good thrillers, until the very end of the story. Brilliant.  by Hawk




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Aware by David S. Reynolds

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“A meteor hits a spaceship, causing severe damage. One of the two crew members is unconscious. Both of them are trapped in the control room, where the air is thinning. To survive and to start again the inert ship, Navigation Specialist Jenkins needs the help of the ship’s three bots. But only one of them comes to her assistance…

A race ensues to make the most pressing repairs, to save the other crew member and to get the ship moving again. And it turns out that this is not all. There is a reason why only Repair Bot Three (RB3) came to the rescue.

The events are told through the eyes of Jenkins and RB3. The pace is fast, the language is terse and sprinkled with mild cursing. There is a lot of dialog, some disregard of science (concerning the laws of physics and what is known in artificial intelligence), a tough human who does what is necessary for her own and her crew member’s survival, and a robot that is more than what it seems to be.

I read it in one gulp.

Recommended to those who enjoy the tradition of classic pulp science fiction.”  by T. K. Flor




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Fade to Black: Book One: The Weir Chronicles by Sue Duff

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“I just loved the characters and the fantasy/ scifi element. The connections between the characters that are developed and the twists are well placed. I loved the action packed second half of the book, I also liked the twist at the end, wow. I couldn’t put it down and finished it quicker than any other book that I have read lately. by Margaret Anderson


I loved this book from the start. It had my attention from page one. How could it not. This book took me on a journey where all of the characters came alive in my mind. That is the best type of book.”  by Danielle


Great book!!!!!”  by Geraldine Salazar




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The Premise by Andy Crossfield

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“This first novel combines political intrigue, philosophical inquiry, suspense, science fiction, and a touch of romance to explore contemporary and pressing issues of our technological age. This book is a wonderful read but also a catalyst for thinking about the future of humankind.”  by Amazon Customer



“The reader is drawn into a tale of suspense, mystery, terror, corruption, and romance with a nail biting conclusion, over a genetically created serum that can render the world into an elusive utopia without sin. Lesson learned – for whatever technogy is used to create changes for the good of humankind, the forces of darkness will find ways to abuse it for nepherious gain. The novel begs for a sequal.”  by Larry Rankin



This is a fantastic book! I could hardly put it down every time I picked it up. It intertwines a great mystery/murder story, and at the same time, integrates a few issues burdening the U.S. political system at this time in history. It moves very fast, but it still allows the reader to understand and appreciate the different characters who are integral to the development of the story. I highly recommend.”  by Stacy McCland



“Fantastic read!!! Andy, thank you for a most intriguing summer book and for the HOPE it instills at such a crucial time. Sequel is eagerly anticipated ! The Premise is definitely one that I can recommend without qualifiers!!! Hands down, best book club selection this year! And thank you so much for indulging our club with your generous presence!!!”  by Renee Bronson



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Angelica by Aimee Marie Bejarano

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“One of the best stories I’ve read about the life of Jesus as told through the eyes of a fictional character, Angelica. Lots of action, tender and joyful! by Victoria Woten


“The story of Angelica as she follows her one true love, Jesus. Just reading the description I was intrigued. The use of descriptive wording was great, I could see the story unfolding before me. Throughout the book I was uplifted and captivated. I could not stop reading, always wondering what was going to happen next. I ended up reading the whole book within a few hours. Although this is a historical fiction, I found myself walking right along side Angelica on her quest. I really enjoyed reading this book.”  by Sharon Lopez


I really enjoyed this book and it is written in such a way, that it makes you feel like you are inside of the story as Angelica. You think one thing is going to happen & then you are surprised because of what happens next. I loved the imagination of the author and her vivid details. I read alot and have read books by authors like Stephen King, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Frank Peretti, etc. so her books are now on my list of books to read and recommend. I think we’ll be seeing alot of good things from this author. Oh, and make sure to grab a tissue because you’re going to need one.”  by Yvette Lopez



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L.A. Punk Rocker by Brenda Perlin

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“L.A. Punk Rocker is a wonderful journey into the past, when music was changing from soft, soul searching to wild, wondrous individuality. I was too young for Woodstock and too old for Punk, but Brenda showed me a side to life I wish I had experienced. Must have been amazing to be so free, so in tune with culture changes, and to be a part of it all! Perlin brilliantly conveys the emotion of belonging, while being a type of social outcast. Oh to go back in time…..”  by Aro


“This is a fascinating book: part memoir, part short story collection about the times of punk in general and some punk rockers in specific. I know some of the famous names in punk but am otherwise fairly unfamiliar with the punk movement. I always had a soft spot for it, though, had friends who were really into it. I understand the desire to be non-conformist and finding your musical niche and Perlin does a splendid job at bringing the era and the movement alive.

The stories will ring true for all youngsters and those who had good times during their youth. The book got me excited and made me dwell on my own memories of those days. This is great reading.”  by Bookworm


I’m too young to remember the punk scene, but this book was a nice glimpse into the era that occurred while I was still a babe in arms. Starting off with a introduction by Mark Berry and talking about Billy Idol, a name even *I* recognise, you’re thrown in at the deep end of the world of LA punk! Brenda has a knack for making it seem as if you were going along with her to each concert, club and event and does not shy away from making it clear that there was a bad side to it all. And it’s not only Brenda who talks about the punk days from her perspective, but other people tell stories about their own memories. A great little book that made me feel nostalgic for an era I never lived through! It’s, once again, a quality book from Perlin. Recommended to all those who love punk, and those who never lived through it. I certainly enjoyed it myself! Grab a copy and read it, you’ll learn something!”  by Joey


Utterly fascinating. I felt like I was right there with the authors, on the streets of L.A., experiencing the Punk Rock era as a misunderstood teen. What a rush!”  by Reading Fanatic “Katie St. Claire”




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Must Love Chainmail by Angela Quarles

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“I adored Angela Quarles book Must Love Breeches. It was one of the first time travel novels I had read and I literally wanted to swoon over this book. So I was beyond excited to get a copy of this book to read.

Words cannot really express how much I loved/enjoyed/stressed/ devoured this book. It was beyond excellent! The characters, the plot, the emotions, the sex were all so engaging to read. I think I stayed up until almost dawn to read this book because I JUST COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.”  by Kiltsandswords



“Katy appreciates her man’s assets, “oh God. Oh God. She squeezed his butt— a very firm, muscular butt it was too, a warrior’s butt.”

Robert is a good man and his ways to understanding his woman is to ask questions:
“I need not talk women into lying with me. If you do not wish it, I will not seek to change your mind.”

“Oh.” She sat down hard.

He cocked his head. “Are you wanting me to talk you into it?”

I liked this book I’m finding I like time travel romances, they’re sometimes more entertaining then historicals.  by andrewsheath



An enthralling, charismatic and passionate historical time-travel romance. Throw a modern, technologically dependent woman into the crazy ages of knights and chainmail and you have instant tension. And the end has a great twist. An entertaining, romantic must read.”  by Moon Stars



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Falling Water by Blaine Coleman

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A Collection Of Gems








This collection of short stories and poetry are well-crafted and beautifully written. Falling Water: Stories & Poetry offers a wide variety of genres. Blaine is a gifted writer. It takes talent for a writer to evoke every human emotion in the pages of a book. The vivid descriptions are captivating, and I found myself immersed in the rich imagery. The sympathetic characters have souls, and their stories stay with you. Every story and poem moved me on many levels. Blaine’s poems are mesmerizing and thought provoking.

Please do not ask me which story or poem is my favorite! I love them all for their uniqueness. This collection is timeless and soul enriching. I strongly recommend this collection. Bravo!”  by Star “Star”


The title Falling Water should be a simile for Falling Tears as that’s what will happen, depending on if you have a soft vs hard heart. These stories are very profound and thought-provoking and even though I didn’t think Grandma Brown was the best of the stories, this one sticks with me the most. The story implies that no matter how old we become, the actions of want happened to us when a child can still affect our souls and hearts. And the tale And When I Got Home really brings out the point of hypocrisy in our religious institutions. It was very well written and researched. I give this book 5 stars and recommend for people who love deep thinking and inspiration.”  by Pamela Foley


“Beautifully written, this collection of stories and poems is an eclectic mix of genres and technique, but mostly just good, sound storytelling. One of the things I liked most is the vivid imagery conveyed by the author–much of it capturing the beauty of the natural world. I could almost feel the cool moist mountain air, smell the musty earth of a cave, the pungent scent from a stand of pines, and the sea spray at Chesapeake Bay. The author also has a great ability to conjure up emotions–some tender and sweet, others sad and melancholy. Suspense, too, anger, fear and a whole lot of nostalgia as his characters relive moments from their past, or as childhood friends fly kites and chase butterflies longing to fly. A thoroughly enjoyable collection.”  by SUMMER


“An interesting and thought provoking assortment of short stories and poetry. Blaine paints scenery with his writing and you feel as though you are there. As down to earth and entertaining as each of these stories are there is always subtle lessons to be learned from each. Most of the stories will stir your emotions but,
“The Source” offered us that edgy away from reality feel, ah, but does it? Since there really are monsters 🙂

The author, Blaine Coleman, has an “easy going style” with his story telling. A soft touch that has the reader wanting more, because his words flow easily into each new tale. He takes you from sadness, fear, and feeling abandoned to love, hope, and survival and sadness again. Life. As you read his stories you will embrace the characters and maybe even relate that in many ways, pieces of each tale mirror parts from our own lives. I enjoyed this book in its entirety but must admit to having two favorites, totally loved and enjoyed being able to relate strongly to both “And When I Got Home” and “The Lighthouse”. Looking forward to more from this author!”  by Barbranne D. Herrera “Martha Emms”



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Oliver and Jumpy by Werner Stejskal

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Silly/Fun Stories Reinforcing Positive Morals for Very Young Children





This is a very appealing children’s book with good dialog to read and intrigue children. The illustrations are colorful depicting happy creatures (most of them…). Let me introduce Oliver, a very handsome, elegant black and white cat who likes to wear a white top hat. He likes to talk about himself, as he thinks he’s really cool! His best friend is Jumpy, and she’s a kangaroo. Oliver likes to jump into her pouch when she goes hippie hop down the trail. The first of three stories in this delightful book is titled, “Molly the Mole.” Do you know what a mole is? Oliver learns the hard way when he falls out of Jumpy’s pouch and lands smack dab on top of Molly. Holy Moly!!! The second story is “Saving Ducky.” Oliver likes to eat fish, but not birds or mice. He hears the chirping of a baby duck while a hungry eagle flies overhead and wants to eat the duckling. Oh no! Jumpy is off to the rescue! She has clout! And the last story, number 3, is “Jumpy’s Secret,” so … I can’t give it away! These are thoughtful tales which will stimulate children’s learning. There are many more books of continuing tales and adventures of Oliver and Jumpy. I think you and your children will love them all.”  by Nancy of Utah


“We need more books like Oliver and Jumpy. The kids loved the stories. I loved that the stories had good moral values that are learned.”  by Enchanted In Dixie “Enchanted”


“As a mother of a 5-year-old that loves to hear a new story every night, I struggle to find good books with educational context that interests my son. Of course in this technological age, I get extra brownie points from my son if I can pull up a book with good illustrations on the iPad kindle app. I’ve read this group of three books to him numerous times and he loves it. I like that each illustration has a paragraph of sentences to it instead of one or two sentences. Makes the book last longer and my son gets a chance to absorb the illustrations as I read the words instead of flipping pages every two seconds. The book has some hidden educational context in it such as anti-smoking, brushing teeth, and helping parents with a new baby in the family. Great series of books and we will definitely be buying the rest of the books written by this author.”  by Vanessa D


My children (ages 1 and 4) loved this book! It contains three short stories featuring Oliver, an elegant tomcat, and Jumpy, his kangaroo friend. Throughout the stories, we learn about the characters and the adventures they encounter as they go about the day. The illustrations are fun and colorful! My kids enjoyed the pictures, especially my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter enjoyed all the silly moments in the stories, such as imagining a cat fishing with a fishing rod or saying funny duckling names like quip or quop.

These short stories also have mini biology lessons included in them. For example: while you are enjoying the fun story, you’ll learn about what a mole eats versus a kangaroo’s diet. I was pleased that my children were learning while being entertained at the same time! We can’t wait to read more of these stories!”  by Kimberly Marksberry



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