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James Gordon better known as G.P.A.(Greatest Poet alive is an international award winning author and poet from the South Side of Chicago. He has written six books of Poetry, a Children’s Book, and his first novel, The Warmest Winter. James can be seen on upcoming episodes of Empire, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and Shameless, as well as the movies Batman vs Superman and A Slice of Life. You can follow him on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive and on his website iblowyourmind.net.




1.  Please tell us about the book you have written—title, genre, and storyline. The Warmest Winter is a murder mystery that takes place in an unusually, warm January in Chicago.

2.  Have you written other similar books? This is my first novel of any sort. My other books have been Poetry.

3.  Are your books connected like in a series, or are they stand-alone stories? This book is the first in a series featuring the characters in the novel.

4.  Successful mysteries are difficult to write. Where do you find the inspirations for your plots? I read a lot and watch movies that have plot twists and cliffhangers. That’s where I got the inspiration from.

5.  What made you decide to write Mysteries? I love reading Mysteries, so this was a natural risk for me to take.

6.  Which famous mystery writer ignited the fire in you to write mysteries? Carl Weber, James Patterson, and my favorite, Ed McBain.

7.  Are you an Indie Author or are you part of a publishing house? I am proud to say that I am an indie author

8.  What sort of books do you love to read on a normal basis? Besides Mysteries, I enjoy books of Poetry

9.  Besides being an author, do you have a second job? I am an actor and performer.

10.  What is your goal as a mystery writer? To be as good and better than the authors I named above

11.  Is there another book in the making? It is called A Cruel Summer.



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