The Warmest Winter: A James Gordon Mystery by Greatest Poet Alive

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I was looking for a cozy mystery and the cover of this book pulled me in. What I got was a fast paced thriller! This book had a lot of great twists and turns with a great plot. Definitely a 5 star read. I don’t know if it was Kindle or not, but the formatting was terrible. I know authors aren’t necessarily responsible for ebook formats (maybe the publisher can take a look?) but there were cases where dialog from more than one person was run together and where a chapter title was at the end of the last paragraph of the previous chapter. I don’t want to lower my rating based upon formatting issues since what I really want to rate is the story itself, but it was difficult to read with the formatting.”  by Regina Morris



“The story begins with a gruesome murder of Miles Livingtson’s second wife and his two little girls. The main character, James Gordon, is called to the scene of the crime as Miles’ attorney. As James tires to get to bottom of the grisly murder, he uncovers a secret that his best friend, Miles, was hiding. Unfortunately, Miles’ secret correlates very closely to what James is going through in his own personal life. As James tracks down the murderer, what he learns makes him doubt his own choices in life.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s written in first person, which makes it easy to identify with the main character. It’s fast paced, and I couldn’t wait to read to the final reveal. Like all good thriller’s there are twists and turns and I didn’t figure out the villain until I was supposed to. Which for me, is pretty good, as I usually figure out the plot acres way before most readers.

My one complaint is the terrible formatting. Dialogues are tun together, paragraphs where there shouldn’t be and none where there should be. Normally I’d lower my rating by 1 star with issues like this, but I was drawn into the story so much, I’m going to make an exception. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 feathers.”  by Pamela Foley



“The warmest winter, by the Greatest Poet Alive is an exciting thriller of love, lust, affairs and murder. The story is told by the James Gordon lawyer of Miles Livingtson whose second wife and his two little girls were brutally murdered. James and the police hunt for the killer. Gordon has his own marital problems similar to the marital problems of Miles Livingston.

The story grips your attention from the first page and does not let you go. The author has a great command for dialogue and plot twists. The author is brilliant at setting up the scenes and details. When you think you have figured it out there is a twist. I felt the characters were vivid and compelling.

This mystery novel has it all, lust, murder, twists, and suspense. Well done!”  by Star “Star”



“James Gordon has proven he can write in several genres and make them a success. First, he brought us his unique line of poetry, then his children’s stories, now a crime thriller, and in this, he delivers once again.

The wife and two daughters of Miles Livingston, a local doctor, are found dead in their home. James Gordon happens to be friends with the doctor, and agrees to represent him. Writing in the first person, Gordon gives a perfect performance, as he tries to make sense of events leading up to the murder. The story moved at a good pace, while keeping the reader in suspense about the identity of the villain, like all good thrillers, until the very end of the story. Brilliant.  by Hawk




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