The Premise by Andy Crossfield

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“This first novel combines political intrigue, philosophical inquiry, suspense, science fiction, and a touch of romance to explore contemporary and pressing issues of our technological age. This book is a wonderful read but also a catalyst for thinking about the future of humankind.”  by Amazon Customer



“The reader is drawn into a tale of suspense, mystery, terror, corruption, and romance with a nail biting conclusion, over a genetically created serum that can render the world into an elusive utopia without sin. Lesson learned – for whatever technogy is used to create changes for the good of humankind, the forces of darkness will find ways to abuse it for nepherious gain. The novel begs for a sequal.”  by Larry Rankin



This is a fantastic book! I could hardly put it down every time I picked it up. It intertwines a great mystery/murder story, and at the same time, integrates a few issues burdening the U.S. political system at this time in history. It moves very fast, but it still allows the reader to understand and appreciate the different characters who are integral to the development of the story. I highly recommend.”  by Stacy McCland



“Fantastic read!!! Andy, thank you for a most intriguing summer book and for the HOPE it instills at such a crucial time. Sequel is eagerly anticipated ! The Premise is definitely one that I can recommend without qualifiers!!! Hands down, best book club selection this year! And thank you so much for indulging our club with your generous presence!!!”  by Renee Bronson



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