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“One of the best stories I’ve read about the life of Jesus as told through the eyes of a fictional character, Angelica. Lots of action, tender and joyful! by Victoria Woten


“The story of Angelica as she follows her one true love, Jesus. Just reading the description I was intrigued. The use of descriptive wording was great, I could see the story unfolding before me. Throughout the book I was uplifted and captivated. I could not stop reading, always wondering what was going to happen next. I ended up reading the whole book within a few hours. Although this is a historical fiction, I found myself walking right along side Angelica on her quest. I really enjoyed reading this book.”  by Sharon Lopez


I really enjoyed this book and it is written in such a way, that it makes you feel like you are inside of the story as Angelica. You think one thing is going to happen & then you are surprised because of what happens next. I loved the imagination of the author and her vivid details. I read alot and have read books by authors like Stephen King, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Frank Peretti, etc. so her books are now on my list of books to read and recommend. I think we’ll be seeing alot of good things from this author. Oh, and make sure to grab a tissue because you’re going to need one.”  by Yvette Lopez



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