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“L.A. Punk Rocker is a wonderful journey into the past, when music was changing from soft, soul searching to wild, wondrous individuality. I was too young for Woodstock and too old for Punk, but Brenda showed me a side to life I wish I had experienced. Must have been amazing to be so free, so in tune with culture changes, and to be a part of it all! Perlin brilliantly conveys the emotion of belonging, while being a type of social outcast. Oh to go back in time…..”  by Aro


“This is a fascinating book: part memoir, part short story collection about the times of punk in general and some punk rockers in specific. I know some of the famous names in punk but am otherwise fairly unfamiliar with the punk movement. I always had a soft spot for it, though, had friends who were really into it. I understand the desire to be non-conformist and finding your musical niche and Perlin does a splendid job at bringing the era and the movement alive.

The stories will ring true for all youngsters and those who had good times during their youth. The book got me excited and made me dwell on my own memories of those days. This is great reading.”  by Bookworm


I’m too young to remember the punk scene, but this book was a nice glimpse into the era that occurred while I was still a babe in arms. Starting off with a introduction by Mark Berry and talking about Billy Idol, a name even *I* recognise, you’re thrown in at the deep end of the world of LA punk! Brenda has a knack for making it seem as if you were going along with her to each concert, club and event and does not shy away from making it clear that there was a bad side to it all. And it’s not only Brenda who talks about the punk days from her perspective, but other people tell stories about their own memories. A great little book that made me feel nostalgic for an era I never lived through! It’s, once again, a quality book from Perlin. Recommended to all those who love punk, and those who never lived through it. I certainly enjoyed it myself! Grab a copy and read it, you’ll learn something!”  by Joey


Utterly fascinating. I felt like I was right there with the authors, on the streets of L.A., experiencing the Punk Rock era as a misunderstood teen. What a rush!”  by Reading Fanatic “Katie St. Claire”




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