A Letter To Arwen by Ashley Kong


To my beloved,


As you may have noticed, I have grown weak. The silence of our chambers being a constant companion to me for the past few days. I fear I am losing, Arwen. I fear that I am beginning to fade.


I have decided to write you a letter. Time has begun to slip through my finger tips, too quickly for my words. A letter seemed the only way for me to get my thoughts out in the short amount of time I have left. You will not see these words until I have already passed though, I have asked for the letter to be given to you then.


It is in the most sorrowful times that we begin to wonder. Wonder what life would be like if we chose a different path, if we never met certain people. I wonder these now while writing this to you. Do not fret, they are not of us. That is one thing I would never wonder, never regret. You are the light of my life— you are as beautiful as freshly fallen snow, as the brightest of stars. Even as I age, and time takes its toll on my body and soul, you remain the same, unchanged by the hands of time. Forever you remain beautiful … no. . not beautiful, but something more. You are so beautiful that words cannot even properly describe you. A radiant sun you shine in the sky for all to see, for all to bask in your warmth—the most brilliant of sunsets and sunrises not being able to match your glow, your shine.


The times we’ve spent together have been the best in my life, even if it has been short. Through the shadows and back our love has survived … and I thank you. I thank you for believing in us, even when all seemed lost. I thank you for the life you have given me. And I thank you for remaining by my side.


Please do not cry for long, for even in death, I cannot bear it. When you shed tears, it is as if the sun has died and the world has fallen to utter darkness. But when you smile… when you smile it is like the most gorgeous of nights, when the sky is filled with stars. So smile. Smile for all to see, smile when you read my words, smile to remember me. Through your smile I will live on.


It pains me to write this … in knowing that these will be my last words to you. Just know that my love will always be with you. In your dreams I will wait. In your memories I will linger. In your heart I will be, forever.


Namaarie, Melamin (Farewell, my love.)


~ Aragorn





















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