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“I adored Angela Quarles book Must Love Breeches. It was one of the first time travel novels I had read and I literally wanted to swoon over this book. So I was beyond excited to get a copy of this book to read.

Words cannot really express how much I loved/enjoyed/stressed/ devoured this book. It was beyond excellent! The characters, the plot, the emotions, the sex were all so engaging to read. I think I stayed up until almost dawn to read this book because I JUST COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.”  by Kiltsandswords



“Katy appreciates her man’s assets, “oh God. Oh God. She squeezed his butt— a very firm, muscular butt it was too, a warrior’s butt.”

Robert is a good man and his ways to understanding his woman is to ask questions:
“I need not talk women into lying with me. If you do not wish it, I will not seek to change your mind.”

“Oh.” She sat down hard.

He cocked his head. “Are you wanting me to talk you into it?”

I liked this book I’m finding I like time travel romances, they’re sometimes more entertaining then historicals.  by andrewsheath



An enthralling, charismatic and passionate historical time-travel romance. Throw a modern, technologically dependent woman into the crazy ages of knights and chainmail and you have instant tension. And the end has a great twist. An entertaining, romantic must read.”  by Moon Stars



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