Fractured Hearts (Shattered Lives, Book Three) by Rissa Blakeley

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I can only say,  Rissa Blakeley has done it again. Her Shattered Lives series is actually a zombie romance. I always wondered how that would work. Now I know, and let me tell you, it works FANTASTICALLY.  The series begins with Broken Dreams. A great title, once you read the story you would understand why. In fact, I have yet to come across books with better titles that reflects what is inside the covers. The second book in the series is Awakened Desires. I have one word to describe this book. Tissues.  Just release is book three, Fractured Hearts. If you think book two made you cry, you will have to fortify yourself before reading this book. I loved it, but I also questioned the path Rissa has taken with her characters. Nevertheless, this series is one that keeps getting better with each installment. I am fearful, but eager to read Rissa’s next book.



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