Burn II: The Destroying Of Laketown by Ashley Kong


“Hurry! ” To his siblings did he direct the command, turning his head around quickly— only to notice a blur from the sky. Quick was the movement, an instant of midnight dusted dreams and immense terror. His heart raced as he placed his hands on his sibling’s arm, who was holding the hand of their youngest sister. From there the three of them ran, through the docks, across the now burning woods of the ground, over the lake of ice and bitter night. Flames licked the edges of the town, slowly engulfing the lake in an uproar of orange and red. Screams and the sound of hurried footsteps echoed throughout as the townspeople fled the wrath of the winged fiend.


Distracted by not only what was going on around them, but also for the safety of his sisters, and his father. So much so that he hadn’t even realized how close the flames were to the three of them. For not even a moment did they pause, searching for a route to escape by. Bain took a step forward, his sisters already running towards a boat they had spotted. From behind, did the building collapse— soundless, any noise it would have made masked by the conflagration.


Across his back, the lad felt something strike him. Though he did not know, a slab of wood dropped from the collapsing building at an alarming rate, eventually slamming into him. In an instant, he fell, once again seemingly soundless. Though his sisters did not notice, continuing to rush off. From his lips did he cry, an empty soundless cry. He gasped his sisters’ names, pleaded, begged to be helped. Pinned to the planks of the ground, he remained virtually motionless. The feeling of heat snaking up his leg, slowly scorching his left side. Tears stung his eyes as he struggled to get free, but to no avail. His heart and mind raced as his eyes darted around him, to the rubble and burning wooden remains pinning him, and to the sky. His world grew hazy and distant after a few minutes of his fruitless struggle. The last thing he heard was a roar from the jaws of their destroyer, the feeling of flames nipping the left side of his body, and then all went black.







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