Sleepless Night by Ashley Kong


His arrival to Imladris was like any other visit. Calm and collected he was as he greeted the friendly faces, especially his Arwen. For nearly two years he had been away, and although this time may be short for elves, for the man it was a lifetime. He couldn’t bear being away from his beloved any longer. But things were… different. The ranger’s eyes held a strange look to them— sorrow filled his once cheerful gaze. Perhaps something happened during the time that passed, something, anything that would affect him. He had been through much over the past two years— the usual Orcs, wandering alone, finding refuge in a small town…

Aragorn smothered the memories for now, not wanting to dwell on them for the time being. Sleep was something he needed, something he deserved. But as he lay there in his bed, the room silent and the door shut, his mind could not find safety from his thoughts. They haunted his every waking moment. In his dreams they would undoubtedly find him as well. As he opened his eyes, he turned to lay on his side, his back facing the door. Dark brown strands fell into his face as he succumbed to his memories.









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