A Letter From Aragorn by Ashley Kong





To the one whom I swore to protect, to the Hobbit who knew nothing more than his home, to my friend,

While writing this letter to you, I cannot help but wonder where you may be. How far along your journey you are, and if you are well. Beside your side a specific valiant hobbit follows, that I do know. Never lose sight of him, Frodo. For he cares for you, we all do. The days may grow dim throughout your travels, and the nights may grow long and bitter, but never lose sight of those who care for you. They are your beacon, your star, your savior— they are there for you when all hope may seem lost.

You may wonder why I write to you now, of all times… Such news that I must share with you is not easy to bare…

but I am dying.

By the time this letter reaches your grasp, I will be long passed. Suddenly this seems, yes I know. And I am sorry. I regret not being able to follow you until the end… to help you and to protect you… But it is my time to go. A fatal wound is something one can not reverse, but only halt for a moment. Long enough for me to write this to you. Long enough for me to ask for your forgiveness.

Although I cannot be by your side when the new days of hope and life fill the land, I hope you will think of me. I know you will make it, Frodo. There is a light in you that shines through the darkness. Others may not see it, see your strength, but I do.

Just continue to ride forward, my friend. May you never lose sight of life, love, and all those pure and good in the world.


~ Aragorn






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