Long Live The King Of Gondor by Ashley Kong

Symbol 2




This was not goodbye, no, for he would live on in the hearts of his children, of his wife. He would only truly die once the last whisper of his name was spoken, if all had forgotten him. But he would survive in the tales of his life, of the deeds he had completed. ” all things must come to an end… my daughter. in the realm of the living we may fade… but death is merely a new life, a new beginning” he smiled weakly as he stroked his daughter’s cheek, wiping the tear from her fair skin.And with those words spoken, he looked towards his wife, taking her hand in his own. They shared their last kiss before she stood back up, their hands still intertwined.

aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta (may your ways be green and golden) ,” he spoke softly, towards his family. Their glances broke his heart, knowing that this ended a short life he had with them. But he could no longer fight the fatigue, the sweet lull of the end. So he closed his eyes slowly, the last exhales of breath leaving his lungs. His hand fell from his daughter’s cheek, the other went limp in his wife’s grasp.

There marked the end of a ranger, a husband and father, the King of Gondor.






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