The Ghoul Archipelago: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller by Stephen Kozeniewski

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“OK.. so now I know that it IS possible to offer insightful, relevant social-political commentary in the form of a zombie novel. I don’t want to give away too much, but this book might be for you if: 1 – you like to ponder what really matters in life in the context of modern-day military, business, religion, addiction, and complacency. 2 – Imagining people dying, coming back, and eating the ones who are still alive gets your juices flowing.

The names of characters were delightfully easy to remember, not to mention the first-rate dialogue which allowed me to easily empathize with them, whatever side of the power-play they were on. The lay-out of the plot was quite gripping, and there were more than a few surprising twists.

I would have preferred more non-zombie sex scenes, or even a few more zombie sex scenes. But then again I may just be bias as my non-zombie girlfriend left me a few months ago. At least I’d like to believe she was not a ghoul out for my blood. Anyway, you know what I mean..-A.B.”  by Aleksey



This tale, about a naval captain’s postapocalyptic hellride in a remote island chain, at once defines and transcends what a zombie novel should be. An homage to the likes of Joseph Conrad and unabashedly graphic, this book does not disappoint. The characters, from Martigan and his not-so-merry men to seedy porn technologist and would-be-plutocrat Rand Bergeron, from the young but savvy island queen to Reverend Sonntag, whose religious fervor evolves to zombie worship, rise well above the one-dimensional cannon fodder the genre often calls for. The author has a lot of moving pieces in play, and it’s occasionally difficult to keep track, but the plot is masterfully woven. Kozeniewski plays suspense very well, restraining where necessary, an interesting juxtaposition with the lack of restraint he uses when it comes to sex and violence, but the latter are anything but a dealbreaker. Ultimately, it tries to achieve on a lot of different fronts, but at each, it is unqualified success.”  by Mike L.



“In The Ghoul Archipelago, we are treated to an invariable feast for the horror enthusiast from Stephen Kozeniewski.

It’s not your typical zombie apocalypse story, nor does it transcend the genre like his Braineater Jones did. It takes what we know and twists it, molds it into the author’s vision of a cast of unlikely characters, all involved in the zombie apocalypse: a captain, stowaway, Christian missionary and a billionaire you’ll love to hate, almost like a mix of Crowley on Supernatural and Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow.

You’ll be introduced to the characters first, and then learn more about the plot and how it all fits together in the end.

It’s not a slow burn, however. In the first chapter you’re hit with a maggoty corpse and villagers attempting murder on emissaries from said billionaire. It’s not disgusting, but it’s not for the faint of heart, either. Reminiscent of 1970’s Stephen King horror and the descriptive nature of Bram Stoker, you can’t go wrong with this novel!

I read it quickly over two days, my eyes unable to leave the page. If you don’t yet know Stephen Kozeniewski, this is the book you should read to get yourself acquainted!”  by Kelly Smith Reviews



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