A Naughty Thing Called Life by Papa Spyk

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A Naughty Shame




A Naughty Thing Called Life is a naughty shame.  I say this because the author, Papa Spyk, had the world in the palm of his hand and threw it all away for drugs.  I believe drugs are the root to many of the evils that happen in our world today, and sadly, Papa Spyk fell into the same trap as many others. The situations he experienced due to his involvement with drugs are both crazy and unbelievable. You would think a person would change after going to jail and getting into a fight, or having a near death experience. But, unfortunately, some life lessons are not easily learned. And many NEVER learn them. I truly hope Spyk has finally learned his lesson and focuses on his beautiful daughter Angelyna and living a clean, healthy life. For a true motivating and inspiring read —fiction or not—A Naughty Thing Called Life is the book to read.



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