Whet Appetites Of Virtual Strangers by Elaine Shuel

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Whet Appetites is an easy, short, and entertaining read. Elaine Shuel has the courage to write what women fantasize about. Who wouldn’t enjoy being beautiful and desired by a man? Or three? I’m sure every woman has toyed with the idea of having a sexual encounter in a public place. Yes, the prim and proper ‘nice’ girls also, even if it is only in their dreams. The reviewer who gave this book a one star needs to wake up.  Why should the author be blamed for the reviewer’s nephew’s desire to read erotica. This individual should have a talk with her nephew and put the blame where it needs to be. Don’t go around bashing well-written stories simply because it’s not your thing and then say it’s what the author is looking for. Really? Act your age and let people be themselves. I think this short story was fun and worth the read!


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