Should I Pay For Reviews Or Not?

Writers will eventually face this question in their career.  The answer will vary, depending on viewpoint.  Personally, I feel one should hold off paying.  There are plenty of sites willing to review books for no fee.  You can also reach out to an author and politely inquire if they would be interested in exchanging a review for a review.   Plus, do not forget those close to you.  Your friends and family members are readers.  They can write reviews, too.


As an author, I am in need of reviews.  Along with exchanging a review for a review, I search the internet looking for places where I can promote my book, A Lost Kitten.   I came across a website that had a list of review sites.  I made a copy of that list and posted it here to share with my visitors.  I have not explored these sites yet.  Therefore, I am not sure if they are free.  I figured we could all take a chance and see what we come up with.


A word of caution.  When approaching a reviewer, be polite, include a thorough but brief fact sheet, follow submission guidelines, and be patient.   Reviewers have a long list of books waiting to be read and critiqued.  It will take them some time to get to your book if they agree to read it.  But most importantly, if you get a negative review, do not harass or threaten the reviewer.  Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and books are subjective.  Face it, not everyone is going to like every book written.  So write from your heart, polish it until it shines, then present it everywhere you can, and let the book speak for itself. 


Book Review Sites

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