I’m Publish. Now What?

After many months, you have written your book.  You went through stages of editing, and finally your baby is published.  Now what?  It is up for sale, but no one knows about it.  What should you do?  While your book was going through the editing wringer, you should have entered the World Wide Web and started mingling.  If you did not, that’s okay.   I am sure you felt without a finished product the efforts of meeting and creating followers were premature, and you felt downright foolish doing it when you had nothing to offer back.  I know I did.  But you are over that.  Your book is published.  Now you have no choice but to sit in front of your computer and start socializing. First things first, you must open accounts on several different social medias–Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn.  Pick a handful; do not spread yourself too thin since you have to participate in each one while writing your next book.  And please do not forget to keep personal information hidden.   Readers will go to these places to learn about you and your product.


Create both a Fan Page and Book Page on Facebook.  Make certain there is a ‘Like’ button on your pages.  This button is important on ALL forms of media.  In a nutshell, it increases your popularity on search engines.  If you want a clearer explanation, go to:  http://www.jeffkorhan.com/2010/04/facebook-like-is-like-an-open-book.html   On Twitter, tweet and retweet what is relevant and important to you and your followers.  Be careful not to overdo it, too many tweets could be seen as spam.  I am still trying to find my comfortable number of tweets per day.  On Goodreads, open an author account not a regular account, then make certain you upload the cover to your book and your headshot.  If your book is on Amazon, make certain to add tags to your book to make it easier to find.   And do not forget to create an author page on Amazon so potential buyers can read about you.  Remember you can also link all your pages together, with a few exceptions.  Read the instructions carefully so you do not miss anything important.    On each media platform, you will find social groups.  Look around until you find one that interests you.  On some, you might have to ask if you can join, on others you can just start participating.  In either case, be certain before deciding to join that you are committed to doing what is required of you in the group.  Remember, you are not just promoting your book, you are creating and promoting your personal image as well.

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