Should I or Shouldn’t I Self-Publish?

That is the question. So what is the answer?

Well, for me, I had no choice.  It was either self-publish and begin my career as a writer, or continue to dream of what my life could be as a writer.  Sure, I had tried submitting manuscripts to publishing houses.  And just like most of us, I had gotten my share of rejection letters.  I had also submitted to contests, but never made it to the finals.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I continued to take writing courses to improve my skills.  I continued to write because it was what I loved to do.  And I continued to dream.

Years passed.  My list of manuscripts continued to grow.  I spent more and more time on editing, adding plots, and rewriting those manuscripts.  And I continued to dream.  Until one day, I realized what I was doing.  I was still dreaming.  I had gotten so used to my routine that I was unconsciously sabotaging my efforts.  I had fallen into a very cushiony, comfort zone.  I was not submitting my manuscripts as often as I should have.  I was not motivated to participate in writing clubs.  I would go to a handful of meetings then stop.  And that was my pattern for years.  I became too comfortable, too lazy.  I was going nowhere.  And my dream was still a dream.

Until one day, a friend who had never mentioned anything about writing a book suddenly had a book published.  That was my wakeup call.  I had slept for twelve years and dreamt the same dream.  Now it was time to wake up and make that dream a reality.  I did not want to restart old habits.  I did not want to fall back to sleep and waste more years.  Therefore, I self-published.

I am now the happy author of a paranormal romance entitled, “A Lost Kitten”.  I am humbled by all the compliments and great reviews I have been receiving.  Building a personal brand and getting my book noticed has not been easy, but it is definitely worthwhile.  You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that you created this product and people actually like it.  Outside from marrying your soulmate and giving birth, there is no feeling that can compare to publishing your first book.  And I doubt that the feeling will diminish when I publish book twelve in a few years.

So ask yourself this question:  Should I or shouldn’t I self-publish?  See what answers you get.  And please, share them with me.  I would love to know.

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